three days and three years ago

Dave and I met each other for the first time three days and three years ago. It’s also the day we fell in love, became a couple, and our lives together began. It was not, however, the day we started being friends. That happened much earlier.

We met on the Internet. But we didn’t meet, you know, on the Internet. Not in the dating-site kind of way. We met on something called a newsgroup, or Usenet, that an alarming number of you probably weren’t alive to see or weren’t aware of at the time. Back when the Interwebs Was Young, folks liked to talk to each other about their favorite subjects, just like they do now — but there was no Facebook, no Twitter, no web sites, really, just text, and so, via newsgroups, you could post about your favorite topics, shows, what have you. They’re still around, sorta. And you can read the archives of them on Google Groups. But the point is, back in the day, there was nothing for a couple of The West Wing fans to do but to lurk around the newsgroup, in order to get their weekly post-episode fix. I used to post these weekly recaps of a sort, called “Random Thoughts”, after every episode. Dave, it turns out, used to read them. One day he contacted me, via email. He asked to borrow some videotapes (ha!) I had, of past episodes. I let him (I confess, a little reluctantly — I hate lending my stuff) and we started emailing each other. One day we started calling each other, too. And then, for about ten years, we emailed, called, and eventually texted each other, a lot.

Yes, I said ten years.  I looked forward to those emails every day, and I loved talking to him for hours. The years went by and nothing changed, and then one day in 2010 I realized he was my favorite person in the world to talk to. That I loved the sound of his voice. That I missed him when he was away, or busy. That I was jealous of the idea of him being with another girl. I told my best friend, Tom, and he pointed out the obvious, that I had feelings for this guy, and that I needed to do something about it. He was right. So about a month later, I did.

Dave was pretty dense and didn’t get what I was trying to say to him until I’d hit him over the head with it, but he came around fast, then. A few weeks later we saw each other for the first time, there in that airport, and by the end of that day I knew I wanted to love him forever. Luckily, I gather he felt the same. So now it’s three years and three days later, our wedding is four and a half months away, and forever is already here.

And that’s how we met. 🙂


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